A Note About Security - Password "Vaults"

Every day there are new challenges to maintaining security and privacy in a digital world, and each of us must safeguard our own information. As a trainer, I estimate that as much as 10% of my time is spent helping people solve problems with their account logins!

A great tool to help with this problem is a “password vault” app, which keeps your passwords, credit card numbers, and other important information locked away, but which can be accessed access when you are on the move. This makes it possible to change passwords quickly if you learn of a security breach, or to generate new, complex passwords when opening new accounts or changing existing account information. You only need to remember one password to unlock your vault, so make it a good one, and be sure it has never been used for anything else. 
There are a variety of password vaults for both computers and mobile devices. I have used and can highly recommend both "1Password" and "LastPass," but there are many more from which to choose.
 So please, use unique passwords for every account, change them often, and keep them safely at hand with a password vault. 

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